Forward-Thinking. Backward-Facing. Parking goes Backward?

We’ve all backed into parking spaces before. More often than not, it simply makes sense. Many parking instructors and experts—including the American Automobile Association and AAA—agree that backing into a parking spot is better for both safety and efficiency. This is primarily due to the fact that when backed in, a driver is able to see more clearly when leaving the space. For this reason, many drivers have developed a healthy habit of backing into spaces, a process made ever easier by the growing presence of in-vehicle backup cameras.

Expanding Fybr’s Parking Solution in Columbus

Fybr was selected to move forward with an expansion of a parking pilot with the City of Columbus, Ohio. The City is testing Parking Space Availability Technology to provide accurate, real-time parking data via its ParkColumbus mobile app.

Technology for Predictable Parking in Columbus

Columbus, Ohio is one of the toughest places to find parking, but Columbus city leaders want to change the traffic headache that some find when they are in the Short North.

Fybr Selected as Finalist in Columbus Parking Technology Pilot

Fybr is proud to announce being selected as one of three finalists for a smart parking pilot with the City of Columbus, Ohio. The City is testing Parking Space Availability Technology to provide accurate, real-time parking data in its ParkColumbus mobile app, powered by ParkMobile.

Smart Water Management – Creating Resilience to Flooding

As climate changes and populations increase, more and more communities are challenged by increasing risk associated with flooding. The data provided from smart water management systems can change the way cities approach the issue of flooding events. The information and learning from this technology can lead to improved communications within communities, less economic impact, and enhanced public safety.  

Infographic – Benefits of Intelligent Parking

Smart parking can enhance the citizen experience by reducing the stress of searching for a place to park. It can help cities in achieving their net zero goals by reducing unnecessary carbon emissions caused from people circling city streets looking for a place to...

Ransomware – Smart Cities At Risk

Learn the ways to mitigate the risks of cyber attacks by understanding what ransomware is, whether or not you should pay a ransom, and how cities can protect themselves against ransomware attacks.

Smart City – Data Ownership

By better understanding what it means to have data ownership and establishing best practices in data governance we can identify standards that can be adopted by cities everywhere. Data ownership will enable cities to focus their attention on how decisions are made and how the public is engaged.

Who Owns The Data?

IoT & Cybersecurity: Protecting Smart Cities

Security is becoming one of the main areas of concern when implementing a Smart City solution. Cybersecurity is at the forefront of peoples minds as the threat of data breaches or hacked sensors becomes more apparent.  A recent report by the EastWest Institute...

Fybr Wins CES 2019 Innovation Award

Fybr, the leading Smart City Platform solution provider, announced it won the CES 2019 Innovation Award for FybrLynk™.