Our Platform

A Turnkey Solution With the Flexibility to Fit Any Ecosystem

Fybr is a comprehensive, modern framework that spans from edge devices to cloud servers and enables rapid development for a variety of industrial IoT use cases. The Fybr Platform is designed to form a tightly integrated technology that enables rapid development of custom solutions on a proven foundation to minimize time-to-market and the risks of building a piecemeal solution while maximizing return on investment and system reliability.

Purpose-Built Edge Devices

An IoT platform is only as good as the data it collects. Our expertise in developing ultra-low power devices that can last decades in some of the harshest environmental conditions is at the core of every product we build. From the world’s best parking sensor, to a better, more energy efficient intelligent lighting controller, we have the capability to either incorporate existing sensor types in our platform, or develop purpose-built solutions.


A wireless hardware module that is compatible with thousands of existing off-the-shelf peripheral sensors, FybrLynk provides hardware-based cryptography with encrypted key storage and comes in a drop-in form factor for easy PCB design and manufacturing. FybrLynk comes ready-to-connect with the Fybr Network—providing the ability to field thousands of devices with a low-power wireless network that has been proven to be reliable and battery efficient in harsh, interference-prone city-scale deployments.

Fybr Network

A highly optimized, secure, and reliable physical network for low-power wireless or wired devices, the Fybr Network provides a battery efficient, low-latency, bi-directional communication layer that can securely and simultaneously host multiple IoT applications. 

Part of the Fybr Network, the Fybr Gateway is a microprocessor-controlled device that creates a bridge between a wide range of edge devices and the Fybr Engine—all in a compact, self-contained form factor that can run without the need for existing infrastructure. This flexibility, combined with ultra-secure communications, makes the network quick and easy to set up with minimal impact or cost.

Fybr Engine

An elastic cloud with a distributed stream processing core, a device data lake, a real-time asset knowledge graph and secure device life cycle management; the Fybr Engine provides highly customizable, machine learning empowered digital twins with streaming decision pipelines to help integrate physical devices into your enterprise business processes. Fybr Engine also provides RESTful and Streaming Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) along with pluggable enterprise integration modules to cut across silos and enables integration between enterprise systems and connected devices.


Fybr’s device operating system, CharioT, comes installed on each FybrLynk module and has baked-in Fybr Network protocols—bringing with it the reliability, fault-tolerance, security and power efficiency of the Fybr Network. CharioT also provides a safe sandbox environment for programming edge devices with customer business logic—improving the speed of iteration and innovation of IoT solutions by significantly reducing the risk of accidentally pushing bad firmware updates that may destroy your entire network.

Full Suite of Applications and APIs

We provide a comprehensive set of tools to develop, integrate and operate IoT solutions in order to help businesses run better. Our suite of software tools help install, configure, and monitor devices; APIs and integration tools to integrate with enterprise services; visual application development tools to help program edge devices and their digital twins with business logic; and a hardware development kit to build FybrLynk-based devices.

Security From the Ground Up

Security shouldn’t be an afterthought.

Ensuring security in devices that live in the wild can be challenging. That’s why we developed our platform from the ground up with security as a fundamental cornerstone of our approach. To securely live in public spaces, each device needs to be a trusted platform that doesn’t compromise the security of the whole platform. With numerous examples of attacks on IoT platforms that use shared keys, store keys in firmware, or perform cryptography in code, we mitigate these scenarios by incorporating a secure cryptographic key storage and a secure cryptographic processor.

By controlling the entire chain from edge device to server, our platform offers true end-to-end authenticated encryption—ensuring that any packet received anywhere within our ecosystem is known to be free from tampering. Combined, our ecosystem provides for both confidentiality and authentication of data—making it safe from replay attacks. When needed, firmware patches are protected by independent encryption using unique keys. This guarantees that only approved and authenticated code is applied—denying an attacker a chance to inject malware.


Beyond Cities

The Fybr Platform, while developed for Smart Cities, can benefit a wide range of IoT applications. The Fybr Platform can be applied anywhere that devices need to operate in harsh environmental conditions, with minimal or no infrastructure, and in an ultra-secure ecosystem.   


Comprised of a full suite of sensors, controllers, and software analytics tools, growers can not only monitor crop/field conditions but also automate selected processes, such as irrigation controls—reducing water consumption by up to 50%, increasing yield, and minimizing labor costs.

Industrial IoT

Fybr’s truly wireless solutions, combined with our ultra long range and rugged design, make our platform a perfect fit for industrial applications that have limited or no infrastructure.  From grain silos to oil fields, our platfrom can help transform industry.

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