Security is becoming one of the main areas of concern when implementing a Smart City solution. Cybersecurity is at the forefront of peoples minds as the threat of data breaches or hacked sensors becomes more apparent.  A recent report by the EastWest Institute seeks to educate those decision makers responsible for selecting Smart City technology. It is crucial for government leadership to keep their citizens data and privacy secure. The report details some of the security dangers associated with Smart City technology, and how to avoid them.  EastWest focuses on four domains that city planners can use to mitigate security risks: Cybersecurity, Cyber Resilience, Privacy & Data Protection, and Collaboration & Coordination in Governance.

Fybr’s Approach to Security

Fybr has taken meticulous care to be one of the most secure Smart City service providers in the industry. The company’s technology stack has a proven track record of safety and elite protection.  Fybr’s end-to-end encryption uses NIST-approved algorithms to keep data flowing securely through our network. In addition, the sensors use unique device keys and time-limited session keys. In the unlikely event of a sensor being compromised, it will not affect any other sensor or Fybr gateways.  Fybr took a holistic approach to security design from the beginning. Because we see the potential dangers of a low-effort cybersecurity platform, and because we value our customers and their data.

“Data is available today from an increasingly diverse set of connected devices and sensors. The challenge is to securely transport and store this data for the public good while balancing it with citizens’ concerns of privacy and anonymity.”

Paul Becker, Fybr Principal Platform Engineer

The future of the Smart City industry is dependent on the ability to provide a safe and reliable product. And most importantly, enhancing the lives of its customers.  Smart City vendors that lag behind in terms of safety and security will be left in the dust. This becomes increasingly serious as the threats of cybersecurity breaches have presented themselves. Furthermore, citizens have become aware of the true value of their data and privacy.  It is a city government’s duty to do due diligence before investing in something as colossal as a Smart City platform, and this EastWest report is a great starting point.