Take heart the next time you’re circling the block of your destination, eyes peeled for somewhere – anywhere – to park your car. There are some brilliant answers to this modern problem we call “parking.” Our platform is a remedy for right now, offering a way for drivers to find open spots more easily, and for communities to be smarter about parking space management. The future outlook is also positive, with on-call ride services and smart car technology gaining momentum. See this thoughtful article for more details.

All this is good news for you, even if you don’t own a car. Because parking space for cars often takes priority over human living space, and searches for parking create more traffic, more carbon emissions, and more stress for everyone living in a community. Parking costs raise rent an average of $225 a month nationwide. And parking space asphalt traps heat and can raise summer city temperatures as much as 9° F. These facts really drive home the fact that parking is a topic that affects us all.

We empower communities with information that makes parking faster, easier and more efficient, allowing us to take incremental steps towards a future we all want: one without all the pollution, traffic and stress that parking currently creates, where asphalt parking spaces for cars are transformed into green spaces for people.