Parking & Curbside Management

In Lots, On Street Or In Garages – We’ve Got You’re Community Covered.

On-Street Parking

Surface Lots


EV Spaces

Parking Sensor III

The most accurate, reliable parking sensor available today.

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Most Accurate Sensor Available Today

With 99.9% accuracy and over two decades of sensing experience, our devices deliver the highest level of accuracy – guaranteed.

Battery Life

With a worry-free guaranteed seven to ten year battery life, the Parking Sensor III is one of the longest lasting devices available today.

Surface, Sub-Surface
or In-Groud Options

With multiple mounting options, our sensors work in a wide range of applications.  Unlike other technologies our sensors can even be mounted UNDER decorative pavers for a truly invisible installaiton.

Mobile Applications

Parking Genius

Wayfinding has never been easier or more accurate.

Real-time Space Data

Find spaces in real-time near your destination.

Turn-by-Turn Directions

Get directions to open spaces near your destination to minimize distractions.

Integrated Payment Optons

Drivers can pay for parking directly in the app, making the parking faster.

Pricing & Policies

Easily view pricing and parking policies for each space.

Mobile Applications – Fybr Enforce

Fair and efficient enforcement made easy.

Prioritize Violations

With a complete view of all violaitons as they are occuring, officers can prioritize their efforts based on violation density, severity of violation, or safety hazards such as double parking or parking in front of hydrants.

Real-Time Violation Data

See exactly where violations are occurring as they happen, allowing for greater efficiency.

Full Space History

Write tickets with confidence and reduce contested violations with full space occupancy and payment events at your fingertips.

Document Each Violation

By capturing photos of the violaiton, along with specific notes and space history, contested ticket rates are drastically reduced – not only increasing revenue, but making courts operate more efficiently.

Fybr Insights – Parking

Better Insights. Increased Revenue.
Less Traffic.

With a full suite of washboarding tools, Fybr Insights lets you take total control of your parking ecosystem.

Real-Time &
Historical Data

View real-time and historical parking data, including occupancy, turnover, and utilization data for any space, group of spaces, blocks, districts, or city-wide parking inventory.


From changing parking policies to evaluating historical data, Insights allows cities to efficiently manage their smart city initiatives—turning data from single sensors into actionable information.

Flexible API’s To Fit Any Environment

Insights is more than a dashboard – it offers data the way you want it.  From the abiltiy to download the raw data, to API integrations, Insights is flexible enough to fit any environment.