Our totally redesigned smart-parking sensor is easier to use than ever before and bridges the gap between accuracy and performance – making it vital to any campus, smart city or intelligent parking infrastructure.

Previous generations of parking sensors lacked the accuracy and performance characteristics required by our customers to meet even their most basic needs. That’s all changed. Our new sensor provides the highest level of accuracy in the industry, supporting not only wayfinding and parking management applications, but also situations which require 95% and higher accuracy.

Although the new sensor resembles our previous sensors in form factor, the internal components are totally redesigned to increase functionality by providing more information and greater management and control. It uses the latest Honeywell magnetometer but adds radar capabilities, augmenting the sensor’s overall ability to determine the presence of a vehicle in real-time and capture every transition as it occurs. The ability to detect every transition for an individual parking space in real-time is unique to our new sensor and a necessary requirement for maximizing a city’s parking performance.

We also added other innovations including: a specially designed, integrated RF antenna and communications protocol; onboard intelligence to self-correct and self-manage power, communications and sensor utilization; and a two-way communications capability that provides an entirely new level of remote management functions to reduce maintenance hassles and improve ease of use.

Our new smart-parking sensor is scheduled to be available in the second quarter of 2013.