Keeping no-parking zones available for emergency vehicles is crucial for ensuring that first responders can perform their duties in protecting citizens. As most city-dwellers know: big signs, bright colors, and strong words can only do so much to deter illegal parking. In severely congested cities like Seoul, illegal parking has caused some devastating results. After a fire broke out in a fitness center, emergency vehicles rushed to the scene only to find the fire lane filled with illegally parked cars. The lack of available space for the emergency vehicles made it difficult for firefighters to reach the building, potentially preventing them from saving some of those 29 lives. The lack of consequences for these illegally parked cars means that there is little incentive for drivers to seek out legal spaces. However, with proper implementation of Fybr’s parking sensors, there can be instantaneous consequences for these infractions.

A Smart City boasts more than just improved quality of life for citizens, it also offers higher standards of safety. By implementing Smart City sensors in areas such as no-parking zones, cities can increase the efficiency of their safety procedures. Having real-time data allows police officers to deal with illegally parked cars much faster, so that these cars can be removed, and the potential danger can be minimized. A survey by Trendmonitor revealed that 52.2% of drivers said a lack of parking spaces was their reason for illegally parking. With proper utilization of Smart City technology, cars can easily find open parking spaces and can reduce illegal parking, traffic congestion, and emissions from cars seeking spaces.

Implementing Smart City technology can be the solution to many of a city’s problems, resulting in increased safety, quality of life, and a more efficient living place for citizens. Improving the safety and efficiency of parking regulations are just two examples of the potential benefits a Smart City can offer. Explore Fybr’s Smart City Solutions to see all the possible improvements a Smarter City can make.