When you think about a green city, what comes to mind?

As “Carbon Zero” author and sustainable-city expert Alex Steffen says in this TED Talk from a few years ago, we mainly perceive a sustainable city as one covered in greenery – tree-lined streets and plants on roofs.

But Steffen says that’s not where sustainable cities really shine.

“It’s not about the leaves above – it’s about the systems below.”

We couldn’t agree more. At Fybr, our objective is to go so much deeper than street level, and we’re part of those “systems below” that Alex mentioned.

You could walk right over our sensors without even noticing – but they help to cut emissions in the places we live and work. Fybr wants to reduce pollution by making sure you don’t spend your time circling, wasting time and burning gasoline, while you look for a parking space.

We’re making your communities more vibrant, more productive and safer.