We believe Don Shoup is right, we need to find ways to encourage current and future drivers to ride share, take mass transit, ride a bike or walk if we are going to accommodate further urbanization without massive traffic congestion, increased air pollution, and safety concerns.

In a recent WIRED article, he discusses the concept of compelling “employers who provide free parking to offer transit benefits (like a pre-tax bus pass) or a cash payment to workers who find another way to the office. The goal here isn’t to stamp out cars, but to let the non-drivers “cash out” the value of “free” parking. Research suggests this sort of “parking cash-out” works.” A series of studies done by Shoup found that programs such as the one described can decrease the number of drivers who motor alone to work by 17 percent, while increasing rates of carpooling, transit riding, biking, and walking.

At Fybr, we continue t do our best to lessen congestion caused by drivers circling the block looking for parking by providing real-time, turn-by-turn directions to immediately available parking whether for you or our future autonomous friends.