Fybr Promotes Bryan McKee to Chief Operating Officer.



Effective immediately, McKee will assume the position of Chief Operating Officer, responsible for overseeing the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of Fybr.

Before joining Fybr in January 2015 as VP of Operations, McKee served in the United States Marine Corps and spent several years lending his talents to a major defense contractor. “I have always found it both a privilege and honor to serve our country,” he remarked. “Working for Fybr still allows me to serve—but instead of the whole country, I now serve the populations of cities.”

McKee combines a lifelong fascination with new technology with a passion for improving technologies to impact lives positively. Fybr’s robust, cutting edge IoT platform and the opportunity its technology presents is not lost on McKee. From the beginning, he said he “was amazed at the capabilities of the platform and all the positive impacts it can provide to cities. I was hooked once I understood the expandability of the system that could solve a lot of issues.”

In his new role as COO, McKee’s first task will be to improve and mature processes within Fybr. “One of my focuses will be to empower Fybr staff and allow for greatness to shine within each individual. I also greatly look forward to working directly with our CEO, Bob Glatz, who has been a great leader and mentor to all of us.”

“Our team has developed a unique solution with the potential to become commonplace within every city’s infrastructure; to change how universities, cities, counties, states, and other organizations manage their environments. That’s the opportunity for Fybr- and it’s one that the team and I will work tirelessly to realize.”

About Fybr

Fybr provides a Smart City Platform—helping communities with efficiency, reduced operating costs, and improved quality of life. With a highly secure, turnkey solution for quickly processing information, Fybr delivers the best and fastest opportunity to create a return on investment. Located in Saint Louis, MO, with a 22-year history, Fybr’s patented IoT solutions have over two billion data events logged globally from real-world applications.

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