Fybr is pleased to announce a partnership with SMC Labs, San Mateo County’s Smart Region Innovation Lab, to deploy cutting edge Internet of Things (IoT) technology within two of the county’s innovation zones. SMC Labs will use Fybr’s end-to-end, integrated IoT platform to pilot several use cases, including parking, irrigation management, air quality and asset management. Fybr will also partner with SMC to test new technologies and potential solutions that facilitate the resolution of complex regional issues within San Mateo County.

Redwood City

Photo taken In Redwood City by Matt Hubeck, Fybr Operations Manager

Fybr provides an end-to-end integrated platform. The platform comprises Fybr sensors, gateway, cloud platform and user interface (web based dashboard, and mobile app). The solution connects a variety of Fybr and non-Fybr sensors, and transmits its data securely to the cloud. The data is then processed, analyzed, and returned to a user interface to provide valuable information and actionable insights in real- time with the goal of making life better for residents of San Mateo County.

As an example of innovation in action, SMC Labs is conducting pilots with Fybr’s parking sensors with electric vehicle (EV) spaces. This pilot evaluates new ways of encouraging EV use by addressing “recharge anxiety” – the reluctance of drivers to use their EVs because of fears they may not be able to find charging stations. This is particularly relevant, where 49% of all electric vehicle (EV) owners in the United States, reside in California according to the International Council of Clean Transportation. By coupling data from Fybr’s parking occupancy

Parking Genius App

Snapshot of Fybr’s Parking Genius App

sensors with its Parking Genius app, drivers can get real-time information on available EV charging spaces and turn-by-turn directions navigating directly to those spaces. San Mateo County officials will have visibility into EV parking space statistics, including occupancy rates, turnover, and availability. This allows them to plan and allot additional EV parking spaces in the future.

SMC Labs is part of a broader regional initiative by the County of San Mateo to deploy and validate the benefits of “smart technologies” including IoT, machine learning, data analytics and blockchain across a host of known and as yet unknown use cases. By bringing together a network of solutions vendors, services providers and subject matter experts, SMC Labs fosters active collaboration with a diverse group of stakeholders (including area residents, cities, businesses and universities), to solve regional problems that improve the lives of county residents.

“Fybr is proud to be part of San Mateo County’s Smart Region innovation lab. The adaptability of Fybr’s secure platform will allow SMC Labs to demonstrate how almost any sensor can be connected to the physical world to collect, process and analyze data and return actionable insights in real time using one underlying IoT platform,” says Bob Glatz, Chief Executive Officer of Fybr. “In addition to hosting various proven solutions, the Fybr platform is ideal for rapid prototyping and experimentation with new sensor solutions.”

San Mateo County

Photo taken in San Mateo County by Matt Hubeck, Fybr Operations Manager