Fybr advisor Dr. Greg Charvat jokes that he’s surprised he and his wife ended up getting married after all the times they tried to find parking together on crowded Boston streets.

That’s one place Fybr’s parking management system and wayfinding app would come in handy, he told Chris Gammell of The Amp Hour Podcast, which recently featured Charvat and his new book, Small and Short-Range Radar Systems. Midway through the show, Charvat also took several minutes to explain his work with Fybr and talk about the Internet of Things.

“It’s not easy to detect parked cars accurately to the point that you can navigate someone to an open parking spot or enforce parking rules,” he says. There are concerns about power, durability and accuracy. But Fybr has done it, he added – with sensor pucks that are up to 99 percent accurate, depending on conditions, and which have a battery life of 5 years or more.

The technology helps communities enforce parking regulations, but also facilitates our wayfinding app, Parking Genius. We won’t say it goes as far as saving relationships, but Charvat is a fan.

“It will tell you exactly where the spots are, you can pull it up on your phone and navigate to a parking spot that is open, which is huge,” he tells Gammell.

Click here for an excerpt of the interview featuring Fybr or visit The Amp Hour for the full interview, which is very much worth a listen!