Across the country, parking spots always seem to be in short supply. In fact, nearly 30 percent of all traffic in busy urban areas is due to people circling while looking for parking. That means wasted time, wasted gas, more pollution and more street congestion.

Fortunately, Fybr has a solution.

By accurately tracking the activity of every parking spot, it becomes apparent that parking is about more than streets and cars. It’s about helping people and improving communities.

Knowing when and where people park starts with our sensors which send and receive data 24 hours a day. Fybr’s smartphone app Parking Genius uses this data to show exactly where spaces are available – allowing drivers to easily locate available parking and easily see pricing information.

When drivers aren’t distracted searching for open spots, their eyes remain on the road and streets are safer for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. Double-parking diminishes – leading to streets that are easier for emergency vehicles to navigate, if necessary.

Easily available parking also allows local merchants to see a more steady stream of customers who are able to accomplish their business with fewer hassles. Revenue increases. Property values rise. And, when drivers don’t have to circle looking for parking, carbon emissions are reduced – leading to cleaner air and a better environment.