Having on-street parking sensors can be a huge benefit to the communities we live in. They save us time and money and make our lives easier – but only if they work correctly.

If a sensor wrongly thinks a car has left its space and resets the parking meter, the driver can end up with an ugly ticket that isn’t his or her fault. This was the case recently in San Jose with another company’s sensors, which were incorrectly resetting meters when large trucks rolled past. Who wants the pain of an undeserved parking ticket?

Fybr’s goal is to reduce hassle and make your city a better place to park. No meters accidentally resetting. No errant parking tickets. Just quick, easy, hassle-free parking for everyone.

That’s why we’re constantly innovating to make sure ours are the most accurate parking sensors available.

We get a lot of questions about problems with the accuracy of some sensors that use so-called “indicative” sensing. At Fybr, we believe sensor accuracy and latency matter a lot. An indication isn’t enough – we need to be sure.

Our latest sensor has multiple configurable detection modes and two-way communication capabilities. As a result, the Fybr sensor can be remotely fine-tuned to overcome issues like electromagnetic interference and false detections triggered by nearby vehicles or passing buses. At Fybr, we’re not indicative – we’re positive.

Unlike some sensor companies, Fybr doesn’t rely on foreign-sourced, generic parking sensors. We are an engineering company – so we design, engineer, and build our own sensors here in the U.S., based on years of on-the-ground experience. That’s why we have by far the highest-performing sensor in the industry.

If you want to maximize return on investment from your sensor installations, accuracy and latency are critical.

Fybr has built the world’s most reliable, accurate, long-lasting parking sensor and the secure, reliable network to support it and other sensors gathering useful information. At Fybr, we can take a city’s pulse, and we’re using it to make people’s lives better.