Life can be broken down into numbers: How many hours of sleep you get a night, how many degrees your thermostat is set to, how many steps you take in a day. When we can accurately record and keep track of that data, we can use it to help us live better.

And this is the year you’ll see the integration of data and life come into full focus. 2015 will be The Year of the Internet of Things.

Don’t believe us just yet? Read on. In a recent article, InformationWeek expounds a bit on what you can expect from IoT technology: “Trends like the quantified self and smart cities are indicative of a world where sensored systems, places, and people generate copious amounts of data. That data should now be used to inform decisions and create safer and more sustainable organizations and cities.”

The most important line from that article: “When raw data is coupled with advanced analytics and IT, remarkable things are possible — and not just for business, but for society at large.” 

That’s what you’ll see from us at Fybr in the upcoming year. We’re here to create an information network that helps people, businesses and municipalities thrive. Stay tuned to hear about Fybr doing big, exciting things in 2015.