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Desigin & Build
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Desigin & Build the Future of Enterprise

Terms like Industry 4.0, Digital Transormation, and Digital Factory are gaining prominence.  All of these terms relate to the applicaiton of technology to transform the way business is done – within an organization and across its value chain – fundamentally changing both product and services.


Fybr’s platform for Enterprise IoT provides all the tools you need to begin and complete your Digital Transoformation.

  • FybrLynk development kit – Hardware, software and frimware tools for rapid solution prototyping – from edge device to data integration
  • Purpose-built sense and control network devices offered “as a Service”
  • Seamless data ingestion and storage with managed, open-data architecture for third-party device and system system integration offered as a “platform as a service”
  • Security from the Edge — In™
  • Device and system provisioning and lifecycle management

Low Risk

Rapid Feedback

Reduce Waste

Managed Investment

Asset Tracking

Fybr’s Asset Management Solutions use our active RF solutions to provide real-time asset data.

Parking Visibility

People are a valuable and costly resource. Helping them to save time finding parking leads to improved productivity.

Lighting Controls

Energy costs can make up as much as one third of an operating budget. Intelligent lighting can improve safety, security, and a significant ROI

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